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Who are these Business Development Machine Guys? Why should I care? 

It’s not long after you meet  Neil Guilmette (that's the "big guy" on the left) you'll start humming The Rolling Stones song “Street Fighting Man”. Neil truly holds forth his nurturing, supportive philosophy. The streetwise Guilmette is savvy to the business world’s more cynical agenda. Guilmette is a reality check to the people he meets; the man who has found a way to do honest business in a sometimes contrived and stodgy world.

Bill Baylis (the "action guy" on the right) lends his business development talents and business know-how to point (both small and mid-sized) professionals and business owners to achieve financial success. Not just another marketing guy, he is a lifelong entrepreneur who has real hands on experience solving the same problems his clients are currently facing. Bill has an uncanny ability to inject energy and soul into his clients marketing and sales initiatives, helping them to increase profits and enjoy quality life, all at the same time. 

Now you know who they are... Now read what some of their clients say about their results: 

I have had the pleasure of working with Bill and Neil. They advised and gave creative ideas to my law firm that helped us to become more efficient and productive. Their different process has made a significant in how I approach and operate my business and I highly recommend them to others who want to bring their business to the next level.                                                                   -Sandra Radna (Attorney At Law)

I Doubled My Practice With 25% Fewer Clients in Three Years. Their Different Approach, Methods and Support Made It Happen.
-Robert Jurgens, CPA

I have said from the beginning that what I like most about the approach is that it is "not" based on magic and mirrors. We need not become arrogant in owning our power, and we need not sell without integrity.  We can retain our core values, become more profitable, “and” serve our clients’ interests better!  
-Leonard Wolf CPA

I was so frustrated with our inability to generate high profit engagements that I was ready to leave the profession. Their different approach has generated over $400,000 in new retainer billing in 8 months.  
-Brett Newberry CPA

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